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Geo-Fix All Weather

Geo-Fix All Weather is a new product launch for Everbuild, including packaging design, leaflets, colour swatches, banners and promotion materials.

Already the recognised market leader for many years Geo-Fix is now joined by a new break through formula, Geo-Fix All Weather, that solves the perennial problem of applying jointing compound in wet weather. Geo-Fix All Weather has all the legendary time and labour saving benefits of standard Geo-Fix, supplied in ready mixed, vacuum packed, sealed foil bags to ensure the product is perfectly fresh, easy to brush into the joints and simple to point up. In fact the only difference is it can be applied in wet weather so you can still mop up sales even when it’s raining! GEOWET 500x500 Geo Fix All WeatherGEOFIX 44090 500x500 Geo Fix All WeatherFullPalletDone 500x500 Geo Fix All Weather

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